Hello everyone!

And welcome to my crochet blog!

When I was in 2nd grade, my friend brought tiny crocheted piglets, made by her mom, as presents for the teachers. They were so cute! So I pestered my friend to get her mom to teach me how to make them, but alas it didn’t happen. Years later, after I was done with college, I decided to finally learn how to crochet on my own, by watching youtube videos.

I’ve been wanting to do that since I was a kid! I learned how to crochet a square on day 1, how to make an amigurumi ball on day 2, and on day 3 I made a tiny piglet (heck yeaaahhh!!). On day 4 I was reading patterns and trying to make a dinosaur with color changes in the pattern (the first one looked so wrong!). The following week I was making things out of thread and trying to come up with my own simple patterns, which didn’t work very well. My only regret is not starting sooner! Once my hands got used to it, it was much easier than I thought, and so much fun!

I was so curious about pattern design and it became my obsession till this day. I felt like my own fabric 3D printer, and out of pure curiosity, I wanted to see how much structure I can encode in a pattern.

My favorite things to crochet are small amigurumi using crochet thread. Crocheting with thread makes the items roughly 5 to 20 times smaller compared to yarn. There are a lot of other reasons why I love using thread instead of yarn and I will share those with you in another post.

If you are into crocheting, you know how horribly addicting it is. I have a massive collection of threads and thin yarns, and they are never enough!

Hope to see you arround!


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