New project on the Hook! Crocheting a Kumoko from “So I’m a Spider, So What?”

So, I decided to design a pattern for the spider protagonist of “So I’m a Spider, So What?’ right before Halloween, thinking I can finish it on time (not the first time I’ve made that mistake).

I almost did, until I realized I didn’t have the right size yarn to make the eyes. Still thinking about how to go about them: tapestry crochet, or maybe embroidery or felt?

So far, I think I got really close to what the final project would look like. Some edits would be to make the body bigger, and maybe the legs a tad bit shorter, and last but not least, the little frill part larger.

Stay tuned, for I might need pattern testers for this little spider, soon, hopefully. A little crocheted Kumoko in her small lesser taratect form! This will not be for the faint of hearts. There are so many parts and it takes forever to make and sew all of them.

It always takes me way too long to complete and publish patterns, because I feel like they are never good enough. I can always edit them and keep improving until I get as close to the design I want. So I tend to leave them alone for a while, until I forget the process, before I go back to look at them anew.

What do you guys think? Also, what is your favorite way to make the eyes for your crocheted characters?

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